Undergraduate Music Recommendation

We depend on your candid and forthright assessment as you answer each question. Please know that your full assessment of student potential is a most important part of our admissions consideration. Thank you for your assistance in this important process for your student.
Student Information
To what degree do you know the student?
In what area has the student studied with you?
Student Skills & Abilities
Please rate the applicant in the following characteristics.
In your opinion, could this student become a good teacher?
In your judgement, could this student become a good leader?
In your experience, what principle strengths does this student bring and what particular challenges must this student conquer in order to successfully complete collegiate music studies?
If you were a college admission counselor, would you admit this applicant?
Assuming solid progress in collegiate music studies, would you be pleased to have this student as a musical colleague upon graduating?
Information About You
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